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Antenna Information

      TV antennas have come a long way not only in range but also in quality and compactness. Typically you can receive a signal up to 40 -45 miles and sometimes even further up to about a range of 70 miles although that can sometimes prove to be very difficult and expensive. Today's signals are broadcast from high points in various locations from both dedicated and multi use spaces. The CN tower being the prominent transmitter in the GTA  but there are several other towers that carry fewer channels in the area. There are several towers that may be within your reach in New York state as well but sometimes that requires amplification from the user end. Your antenna needs to be placed as high up as possible with a clear line of site to the receive the best possible signal and combined with a preamp you can enjoy a surplus of free uncompressed HD channels.

Atmospheric conditions and cell phone signals in large quantity  ( inner city ) can interrupt your signal strength to some degree. You are likely to get a few more channels at night due to these phenomena.

     We are fortunate to live in and around Lake Ontario in cities such as Hamilton, Burlington, Oakville and Milton which are within a good range of several broadcast locations and you can usually expect between 18 and 30 HD channels or more. A good number of these are networks such as WNED, CBC, Global, CTV, CBS, NBC etc..  CBC French, a few childrens stations and Christian television are also available. These are all public television stations.

Child friendly TV ? Not quite in my opinion but much much better than what children may view on the screen with other service providers.  Most of our customers also have a good data plan so they can compensate online for not having some of the premium channels ( only available through the big service providers ) because having an antenna provides them with most of what they want to watch and is a huge money saver. We get to enjoy a vacation every year basically for free because of the money we save.

Your OTA ( Over The Air ) antenna is reliable, compact, and gives you the best HD signal available all for a fraction of the cost of what you may be paying right now.

So you don't have to climb on the roof,  wonder which antenna to buy or how to install your antenna because Abletek is the solution.